Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Mom and Dad surprised me with a little trip to the groomers yesterday.

I was not amused.

As soon as we walked in I remembered all the previous torture that happened there. I squished myself up against the wall and refused to go back there.

It didn't work.

I guess it wasn't so bad. I'm pretty handsome now if I do say so myself.

I'm always handsome though!

Mom forgot to take a picture of my handsome self. Dumb Mom!

Now I know why I had to get pretty.

I'm at Grandpa & Grandma's house!

Mom and Dad made me get in the car again today. I was not happy at all and put up quite a fuss. I soon realized we weren't going back to the groomers though. Instead we were meeting my Auntie! I was so happy to see her.

Then I got to go with her and she took me to my Grandparents, and Ella!

Ella is my Siberian girlfriend. I really love her.

Here we are snoopervising the neighbors.

So I will be taking a break from my blog for now.

I'll be too busy playing with Ella, running wild around the house, and sweet talking Grandma into giving me treats!

I'll update you next week.

See you soon furpals!