Sunday, January 22, 2012

Help Find Kodi

My friends at Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida shared a post on Facebook about a missing Husky. So I am posting this on my blog to help find Kodi.

I know if I was missing my Mom and Dad would want everyone to do the same.

This is Kodi…

Kodi went missing January 11, 2012 in Atlantic Beach, FL. He was last sighted in the Cypress Landing area on January 12th around 4pm.

He is very friendly, weighs around 55 pounds, and has blue eyes. He is used to bike rides.

If you've seen Kodi or know where he might be please contact his family at

You can look at Kodi's Facebook page here.

Let's keep our paws crossed that Kodi comes home safe and sound very soon!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Am Not A Reindeer

I think Mom needs to stop shopping.

She's always finding these "fun" little things to buy and bring home and torment me with.

Her latest find was reindeer antlers. She said they were so cheap she just couldn't pass them up. That and the 32 cent box of chocolates she bought for Dad. Uhhh, what gives Mom?

Even worse, she demanded I pose for her.

Oof, what is this thing?

Get it off me!

I'll eat it before I let you
put that thing on my head!

Treats what? Where?
I don't see treats.

No treats no lookie.

I mean it, Mom.

I will get you for this.
And your little cats too.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunset Pics

Hey Everybody!

Mom took me out for a nice long evening in the backyard.

It ended up being a little longer than expected because she locked us out of the house. Hawoo. Silly Mom. Good thing Dad came to the rescue.

She said it wasn't her fault, something about stupid sliding glass doors locking by themselves. Uh huh, sure Mom.

It was so very nice outside. Here are some pics Mom took.

Mom, why can't I play with the neighbor kids?

Woah, what was that?

Look at the pretty sky, Mom.

Smell that air!

Woah, what was that!?

Yawn! It's nap time!

PS - Mom says I'm awfully jumpy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Phoenix and Ducky

Just a few pics of Phoenix and his beloved duck. I caught him napping with it, but by the time I grabbed my camera and snuck back in he was on to me. He looked so precious sleeping with it.

Zzzzz…I sense a camera…

Oh, hey Mom.

Yawn! I was just nappin.

What are you doin?

You better not be posting pics of me and my duckie.

Is that what you're up to Mom?

You better not!

C'mon Mom! Just let me nap in peace.