Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Claw

Phoenix here.

Mom is being lazy and hasn't updated my blog. She'd rather clean the house. Phhht.

Do I have to do everything around here?

So a couple days ago, Mom came across some dog blogs she used to read. She was very happy, until she realized I was reading them too, and picking up bad behavior.

I'm a pretty good boy most of the time. Mom will vouch for me. But upon reading Meeshka's blog, I was reminded of a Husky trait I'd forgotten about…

The claw!

I haven't clawed in a long time. Mom thought she'd seen the last of it and that I'd outgrown it. Doubly pffft.

Yesterday I wanted to go outside so I used the nose technique. You know, push your cold, wet nose on your human to let them know it's time to focus on me. It didn't work. She ignored me. I got more persistent. I even added the nudge. Nothing. I was about to use the old "push on her laptop so it closes and then she has to pay attention to me" when I remembered the claw!

So when she least expected it, and thought I was just sitting there being a good boy, I struck.

A firm claw, right down her leg. She nearly shot out of the couch! Awoo-hoo-hoo! It was awesome. Best of all, it worked. She promptly took me out.

If your human isn't doing your bidding, don't forget about the claw!

Thanks for the reminder Meeshka!

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