Saturday, July 30, 2011

Furry Alarm Clock

Hey cool pups!

Well, I hope you are staying cool! It is a scorcher out there today!

I think I will stay inside and snooze in the cool breezes of the a/c.

So do any of you fur kids have problems with your humans sleeping in?

Mine love to sleep in, especially on a Saturday. This puts a big damper on my plans.

But I have the solution for you. It's a short 3 step program that is sure to work!

1. Give them a nice soft woo. You don't want to make it too loud, and scare them out of bed. A low grumble grumble will work too.

If number 1 fails, head for number 2.

2. Stick your cold, wet nose on them. Give it a little shove too. Anywhere will work. Just find a nice spot of warm skin sticking out from those covers and give it a push.

By now, this should have done the trick. But if your human is really out of it, or just ignoring you, I give you full permission to escalate to level 3!

3. Use the claw. A nice firm claw to the back of the head will have them up and at em. In extreme cases the forehead and facial area will work also. Use this sparingly.

These steps should have your human up and doing your bidding in no time!

Happy Saturday!

Stay cool out there.


  1. Those are pretty good wakeup tactics new pal. if you were my size, you could also crawl up on their face and lay down too. he he - that gets them up really fast, especially if you just happen to cover their nose with your fur.

  2. We just bark until mom can't block us out any longer, but we like the way you think!! BOL!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  3. I am patient.... AND I live with a cat that does the dirty work for me. SCORE!!!
    Love your blog!