Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day In The Life

My babies love looking out our sliding glass door. Now that we've moved they have quite a view! The backyard is open and overlooks a lake. There is always something out there that catches their attention.

Mockingbirds like to swoop down in the backyard, so the cats have quite a bit of entertainment. They get so excited!

We have had a lot of geese, but those are dissipating as I'm sure they are headed North for the Summer. I do see occasional heron's out. It's fun to watch them walk at the waters edge and grab fish.

The other day Phoenix and I were outside, and I heard quacking. Across the lake was a duck family with three tiny ducklings. They were adorable. Phi was very fascinated with them and we watched them waddle off until we got distracted by a big white heron grabbing fish.

I'm still waiting for an alligator to make it's appearance! I'm pretty certain they're out there. Just so long as they stay in the water, and out of my yard!

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