Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chewy the Husky

Phoenix's first week at home after his adoption was a lively one!

As stated in an earlier post of mine, Phoenix's name was Chewy when we adopted him. Naturally, one should question why a beautiful boy like him was named Chewy. I didn't though. I guess I was too mesmerized by those big brown eyes!

However, the evening I adopted him I found out exactly why he was named Chewy!

Richard and I had brought him to my house earlier in the day. He checked everything out, I gave him his purple tug toy (one that he would favor for a very long time after) and a blanket, and set up his food and water.

He seemed quite happy, but wouldn't touch his food at all. As a new Mommy I was quite concerned, but figured he would eat eventually. Later that night after I had gone to bed, I heard crunching. Thinking he was finally eating, I got up to go tell him what a good boy he was. Instead, I found him sitting on the family room floor with Richard's brand new sunglasses.

Oh, so that was the crunching! That was the first of many things Chewy chewed! Haha. Blankets, shoes, pizza boxes, sheets, books, a Coleman lunchbox (yes, the really hard kind…that dog has teeth of steel), carpet, chair legs, plants, clothes, a picture frame, the couch, and the list goes on and on! You name it he probably chewed on it.

Nothing curbed his chewing, and I tried everything! Thankfully, he eventually outgrew it and now focuses his chewing on dentastix, and his dog toys. We go through a lot of dog toys.

He didn't touch his food for a good week after I adopted him. I even carted him into the vet, and bought a bunch of ridiculously overpriced food the vet swore he would eat. Yep, he didn't touch it.

I guess Phoenix finally realized I was just as stubborn as he was, and gave in. We've battled it out a few more times over the years. Huskies are notoriously stubborn and strong willed.

He also pooped all over my office the first week. That was fun. Thankfully I had a large throw rug on the floor. It was ruined after the third or fourth time of being pooped on, but better that than my carpet!

Well speak of the devil. He must have known I was blogging about him!

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