Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Love Publix!

Of all the crazy stories I could tell you, this is probably my favorite. I still to this day can't believe it happened.

Phoenix has always been an interesting dog. We call him Houdini sometimes, because he is so dang smart. He is a master escape artist.

Several years ago, we had put him in the backyard to play and do his thing. Our yard was completely enclosed with a tall privacy fence, and there was a large gate on the side.

I will not name names, but someone left the gate open and forgot about it. Ahem, it was not me! Haha. You couldn't see the gate from the back door, so when he was let out it went unnoticed.

I went out a few minutes later to check on him, and found the gate wide open, and a Husky free yard. We immediately set out through the neighborhood looking for him. I went one way, my husband went the other. Keep in mind, this happened in minutes. That dog is FAST.

We were only a few blocks away from Southside Blvd, which is a very busy road. Phoenix is a nomad darter and runs with abandon, paying no mind to anything that may be barreling in his general direction as he's bounding along. Obviously this combination scared me. I checked that way first, and no Phoenix. He'd escaped before, and usually heads the other way anyways, as neighbors that way had chickens. And lets face it, chickens are MUCH more interesting than the highway.

Apparently not that day though.

We looked, and looked, and looked some more. No Phoenix. I was devastated. I finally went back home to wait at the house in case someone showed up. Meanwhile my husband continued the search.

Not to long after I had gotten home, my husband called. "Someone just called my cell, they found Phoenix and he is okay. I'm going to get him."

Oh good! I am so glad! Where is he I asked?




Did you just say Publix?

"Yes, Publix! He walked into Publix".

Are you sure?

"Uhh, yes."

Haha, that one took a moment to register. After getting to Publix and going to the back, my husband found Phoenix. He was laying on the floor, being showered with attention from Publix employees, eating it up.

Apparently he had just run straight through the sliding front doors and into the store. One of the bag boys had grabbed him and took him to the back. He found the number on his ID tag and called.

I still do not understand how he made it to Publix. He crossed Southside Blvd. Four lanes of extremely busy traffic. Then made it all the way down the road to Publix! Not only that, but actually walked into Publix! Crazy dog.

Only Phoenix.


  1. doggie and brave..imagine thinking well I'm ready to do my shopping so I'll just be at Publix...thats so crazy, so glad yall got him back..maybe yall should take him shopping to petsmart or somewhere...we used to do that with Buddy and he loved it

  2. He loves Petsmart!! He likes to look at the birds.

  3. Lol. Does he try to get in their cages? Buddy used to get too worked up around the birds but he did well around the fishes, they just fascinated him to no end.

  4. Yes! Which is why we sometimes have to walk away!!