Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Am Not A Reindeer

I think Mom needs to stop shopping.

She's always finding these "fun" little things to buy and bring home and torment me with.

Her latest find was reindeer antlers. She said they were so cheap she just couldn't pass them up. That and the 32 cent box of chocolates she bought for Dad. Uhhh, what gives Mom?

Even worse, she demanded I pose for her.

Oof, what is this thing?

Get it off me!

I'll eat it before I let you
put that thing on my head!

Treats what? Where?
I don't see treats.

No treats no lookie.

I mean it, Mom.

I will get you for this.
And your little cats too.


  1. LOL! Looks like it has battery operated lights!

  2. It does! I forgot to turn them on prior to picture taking!

  3. *shakes head* Oh the shame..... I have experienced it too and it's not fun.