Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunset Pics

Hey Everybody!

Mom took me out for a nice long evening in the backyard.

It ended up being a little longer than expected because she locked us out of the house. Hawoo. Silly Mom. Good thing Dad came to the rescue.

She said it wasn't her fault, something about stupid sliding glass doors locking by themselves. Uh huh, sure Mom.

It was so very nice outside. Here are some pics Mom took.

Mom, why can't I play with the neighbor kids?

Woah, what was that?

Look at the pretty sky, Mom.

Smell that air!

Woah, what was that!?

Yawn! It's nap time!

PS - Mom says I'm awfully jumpy.


  1. I is a jumpy kinda husky too. I don't really likes da people...except my mommy and hooman brother. But I thinks woo and me would get along just fine!!! Nice pictures!

    Mya Boo Boo

  2. Hmmm, didn't hear the story about being locked out! :)